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ITEC403 - ITEC404 Graduation Project

4. Effective    Self-learning     Milestones

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Documents & Forms

ITEC403 - Course Outline (for Spring 2019)

ITEC404 - Course Outline (for Fall 2019)

 2019 Spring, Graduation Project Proposal

2019 Spring, Project Teams

2019 Spring, Free Hosting WEB Site Accounts of each team

Report Template


Birol Özkaya

UX – UI Supervisor & Committee  Chair

Cem Yağlı

Coding and Techn. Supervisor

Nazife Dimililier

Database Supervisor

Halide Sarıçizmeli

System Analysis and Design Supervisor

Yeşim Kapsıl Çırak

Project Mgmt., Documentation & Presentation Supervisor

UX-UI Works  Coding WorksDatabase WorksSystem Design WorksDoc. & Present. Works


01. <Sys. Analy. & Dsg> Software Requirements Specification - Deadline is 25 March 2019

SRS_REQUIREMENT_DOCUMENTATION:  You must examine the requirements very carefully and create the documentation according to the given template. Submit hard copy of the documentation to the ITEC403 Assistant on 20/03/2019. Use the template given here.

02. <Database> Conceptual DB Design - Deadline is 25 March 2019

Database Design Version 1:  This is the first version of your database design. You must examine the requirements very carefully and focus on data requirements. Design a conceptual ERD for the “visitor” user view. Show all attributes and indicate the PKs. Submit hard copy of the report to the ITEC403 Assistant on 25/03/2019. Use the template given here.

03. <Sys. Analys. & Dsg> "Event List" and "Event Table" - Deadline is 29 March 2019

Design the "Event List" and "Event Table". Submit hard copy of the report to the ITEC403 Assistant on 29/03/2019. 

04. <Sys. Analys. & Dsg> "Activity Diagrams" - Deadline is 4 April 2019

 Design "Activity diagrams" for each event. Submit diagram to the ITEC403 Assistant on 04/04/2019 

05. <Coding> Spiking-1 - Deadline is 5 April 2019

06. <GUI> Screen Layout - Deadline is 5 April 2019

07. <Database> Logical Database Design - Deadline is 9 April 2019

 Database Design Version 1.1: Make corrections, if any, on Version 1.Design the logical ERD and transform to tables (relational schema). Validate your design using normalization and against user transactions. i.e. For each form/report you have designed, explain how the database records will be retrieved or updated. Submit hard copy of the report to the ITEC403 Assistant on 05/04/2019. Use the template given here.

08. <Sys. Analy. & Dsg> "General Use Case Diagram" and "Partial Use Case Diagram" - Deadline is 10 April 2019

Design the "General Use Case Diagram" and "partial use case diagram" for each actor. Submit diagram to the ITEC403 Assistant on 15/04/2019

09. <Sys. Analy.&Dsg> "Domain class Diagram" - Deadline is 10/05/2019

10. <Sys. Analy.&Dsg> "Sequence Diagram for each event" - Deadline is 24/05/2019

Self Learning Assignments

1. (Coding) Follow the Youtube videos for learning Object Oriented Php Programming.

2. (GUI) download these resources and follow the Youtube videos for learning wireframe sketching for GUI design.

3. (Documentation) Read this article to learn how you have to write the "Literature Review" part of your report.

Handouts of The Seminers 

1. Database Design

2. UML Design

3. User Interface Design

4. Effective Presentation

5. Application Security