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​​Director's Message​


The School of Computing and Technology (SCT) has been continuing its education and teaching activities uninterruptedly since 1979. SCT has added new programs to its body in line with scientific and technological developments over the years, updated its existing programs, and included new course contents and learning methods in these programs.

SCT has students from more than 20 countries. Our students are in a multinational environment in both their academic and social lives.

Our academic staff – all of whom are experts in their fields – are ready to assist and support our students both during their education and in their professional lives after graduation. The instructors of SCT consist of academics and market experts.

The programs in SCT are based on project-based learning to support practical learning as well as theoretical knowledge. SCT is in contact with the related sectors and aims to raise graduates who are ready for business life.

The quality of education offered in SCT is regularly audited by international organizations. SCT programs are approved by the international accreditation organizations ASIIN and FIBAA. Additionally, the Information Technology (IT) program has the Euro-Inf Quality label, which shows its compliance with the European Information Technologies Framework Standards and Accreditation Criteria.

I would like to inform you that our academic staff is here to guide you in your education life and beyond. I am proud of all SCT graduates and welcome the new students.

Best regards,

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ece Çelik

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