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ITEC403 - Graduation Project Orientation



  • Graduation Project Orientation
    Graduation Project Orientation
  • UX - UI Design
    UX - UI Design
  • System Analysis & Design
    System Analysis & Design
  • Database Design
    Database Design
  • Coding & Implementation
    Coding & Implementation
  • Project Management, Documentation & Presentation
    Project Management, Documentation & Presentation


Course Description

This course is the first phase of a two-semester long graduation project (capstone project) of the IT program.  The students are required to work in teams on a real life project assigned by the Graduation Project Committee.  Each team should explore the needs and requirements of the project, carry out systems design and develop a prototype of the project under the guidance of the Graduation Project Committee members.


Birol Özkaya

GUI – Multimedia Supervisor & Committee  Chair

Cem Yağlı

Coding and Techn. Supervisor

Şebnem Çoban

Database Supervisor

Halide Sarıçizmeli

System Analysis and Design Supervisor

Yeşim Kapsıl Çırak

Project Mgmt., Documentation & Presentation Supervisor

ITEC403 Graduation Projects

(*) Course outline is put to the page of the graduation project !