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ITEC403 - Graduation Project Orientation



  • Graduation Project Orientation
    Graduation Project Orientation
  • UX - UI Design
    UX - UI Design
  • System Analysis & Design
    System Analysis & Design
  • Database Design
    Database Design
  • Coding & Implementation
    Coding & Implementation
  • Project Management, Documentation & Presentation
    Project Management, Documentation & Presentation


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Course Outline


Birol Özkaya

GUI – Multimedia Supervisor & Committee  Chair

Cem Yağlı

Coding and Techn. Supervisor

Nazife Dimililier

Database Supervisor

Halide Sarıçizmeli

System Analysis and Design Supervisor

Yeşim Kapsıl Çırak

Project Mgmt., Documentation & Presentation Supervisor

 GUI & Multimedia Works   Coding Works Database Works System Design Works Doc. & Present. Works

Course Outline

Course TitleGraduation Project Orientation
Course CodeITEC403
TypeFull Time
Semester 2018-2019 Spring
CategoryAC (Area Core)
Workload30 Hours
EMU Credit(1,0,0) 1
Level  Fourth Year
Teaching FormatWeekly meeting with the Graduation Project Committee Members
ECTS Credit3
Course Web Site
Graduation Project Committee MembersBirol Özkaya (Chair), Nazife Dimililer, Halide Sarıçizmeli, Yeşim Kapsıl Çırak, Cem Yağlı Office Tel+90 392 630 1660
E-mail Office NoCT115
Course Description
This course is the first phase of a two-semester long graduation project (capstone project) of the IT program.  The students are required to work in teams on a real life project assigned by the Graduation Project Committee.  Each team should explore the needs and requirements of the project, carry out systems design and develop a prototype of the project under the guidance of the Graduation Project Committee members.
General Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Apply problem solving skills to real life problems
  • Gather requirements for a real life project
  • Apply appropriate analysis and design techniques
  • Perform research for finding solutions
  • Compare current systems, if any
  • Interact with customers

Teaching Methodology / Classroom Procedures
There are no predefined lectures for this course.  The Graduation Project Committee members advise and guide the students to achieve the project requirements. The Graduation Project Committee may organize seminars and meetings to provide guidance and technical support to the students as needed.
Course Materials / Main References
The seminar notes, useful links, and announcements are available on the course web site.
  • Students should frequently visit the course web site for downloading the course materials, and observing the deadlines of important events.

Method of Assessment
UML Design UML Design Database Design Graphical User Interface Coding Report Peer Evaluation Written Exam
Percentage 15%15%15%15%15%5 %20 %

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