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Assist. Prof. Dr. ECE ÇELİK
Director Assist. Prof. Dr. ECE ÇELİK More Information

Assist. Prof. Dr. HASAN OYLUM
Assist. Director Assist. Prof. Dr. HASAN OYLUM More Information


Name SurnameDutyDepartmentOfficeTel
Assist. Prof. Dr. AKILE ODAYFaculty Member
Information TechnologyCT1141183
Assist. Prof. Dr. AYHAN TECELFaculty Member
Accounting and TaxationCT1042268
Assist. Prof. Dr. CEM YAĞLISenior Instructor
Information TechnologyCT1091137
Assist. Prof. Dr. ECE ÇELİKDirector
Faculty Member
Construction TechnologyCT2031246
Assist. Prof. Dr. HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLUFaculty Member
Information TechnologyCT1032894
Sr. Instr. ALİ MURATSenior Instructor
Electrical and Electronics TechnologyCT1001141
Sr. Instr. RAMADAN İYİKALSenior Instructor
Construction TechnologyCT2131360
Sr. Instr. ŞENSEV PAYAN ALİCİKSenior Instructor
Information TechnologyCT1101665
Instr. BANU LAMAInstructor
Office ManagementCT2071606


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