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ITEC404 - Graduation Project


  • Graduation Project
    Graduation Project
  • UX - UI Design
    UX - UI Design
  • System Analysis & Design
    System Analysis & Design
  • Database Design
    Database Design
  • Coding & Implementation
    Coding & Implementation
  • Project Management, Documentation & Presentation
    Project Management, Documentation & Presentation

Course Description

This course is the final phase of a two semester long graduation project of the IT program. The students are required to implement their projects and present to a jury which consists of some of the Graduation Project Committee members. The final submission includes functional software package, user and system reference manuals, and a report which includes all the details of the procedures, performance checks, and testing results.


GUI Team 
Coding Team
Database Team
UML Team
Doc. & Pres. Team
*Hasan Oylum
*Raygan Kansoy
*Nazife Dimililer
*Henry Ikediego 
*Mustafa T. Babagil
Henry Ikediego 
Henry Ikediego 
Ahmed I. Elfageih
Şensev İlkan
Ahmed I. Elfageih 
Ahmed I. Elfageih
*GUI – Multimedia Supervisor & Committee  Chair
*Coding and Techn. Supervisor
*Database Supervisor
*System Analysis and Design Supervisor
*Project Mgmt., Documentation and Presentation Supervisor

ITEC404 - Graduation Projects

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