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1 105390 CHIMA WISDOM ORIJI 2011-12 FALL ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU     Web 2.0: A Tool for Online Education
2 105010 CHINONYEREM DEBORAH OKOROAFOR 2011-12 FALL EMRE ÖZEN     Retail Management System
3 105537 ELEAZAR CHIDIKE OKEREKE 2011-12 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN     Crime Control through Effective SIM Registration in North Cyprus
4 105367 SELIRA KOTOUA 2011-12 FALL ALPER DOĞANALP     The Significant of End-to-End Principles in  Distributed Computer System Design
5 105076 SHOLA GBOYEGA OROJA 2011-12 FALL AHMET RİZANER 2012 February Credit Scoring using Soft Computing Schemes
6 105394 UGOCHUKWU CHIMBO EJIKEME 2011-12 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN     Multi-Constraint Portofilo Optimization using Multi-objective Evolutionary
7 105393 ARASH IZADPANAH 2011-12 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN     Factors Affectimg Success of IT Projects in N. Cyprus
8 115267 AUGUSTINE AKPAETTE JAJA 2011-12 SPRING ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU     Comparıng Learning Management Systems in Teaching
9 115387 JAMSHED RAHIMOV 2011-12 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2012 June University Hospital Management System Software Using MS Visual Studio ©
10 115369 JOSHUA UNIMNA UGBE 2011-12 SPRING ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU     Web 2.0 in Personalized Healthcare
11 105085 KIARASH SEPAHMANSOOR 2011-12 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2012 June Common Risks Surrounding IT projects In Northern Cyprus
12 105405 MAZIAR SANAII ASHTIANI 2011-12 SPRING ALİ HAKAN ULUSOY 2012 June An Investigation into SCADA Security Issues and Its Remedies
13 115539 OLUFOLABI OLUSEYI OSUNMUYIWA 2011-12 SPRING ALPER DOĞANALP     Online Banking Security and It's Risks
14 105550 PINAR ŞAHİN 2011-12 SPRING NAZİFE DİMİLİLER 2012 September  Using Data Mining Techniques for Breast Cancer Prediction 
15 105280 SASAN BAHRAMI 2011-12 SPRING ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU     HCI Analysis of LMS/Atutor
16 115412 SINA RASTEH 2011-12 SPRING ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU 2012 June Design and Implementation of Voice over IP Communication Platform on Asterisk In EMU
17 115108 STANLEY CHIKA ONYE 2011-12 SPRING AHMET RİZANER 2012 June Speech Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks
18 115822 AISHA ADEOLA ABILAGBO 2012-13 FALL EMRE ÖZEN 2013 February  A Comparison of the Octonion to the House Holder 8-D Cordic Algorithm
19 115762 ALI KAWU MOHAMMED 2012-13 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2013 January  The Effect of Cloud Computing in Societies
20 115653 ANTHONY IFECHI ANAEDU 2012-13 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2013 January  The Limitation of E- commerce in Developing Countries: Case Study Northern Cyrprus
21 115686 AYODELE JOHN MELBURY 2012-13 FALL ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU 2013 January  Virtual Local Area Network
22 115856 JAMES ORITSEMEYIWA BABINE 2012-13 FALL ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU 2013 January  Student's Perceptions on Mobile Learning
23 115284 KIENKA CROMWELL KIO 2012-13 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2013 January  Big Data And Web Intelligence In Between The Framework of Project Management
24 115872 SAMUEL MOFOLUWA AJIBADE 2012-13 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2013 January  Student Experiences on Multimedia Computing: A case Study of Eastern Mediterranean University
25 115844 SULEIMAN SA`AD 2012-13 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2013 January  Designing Job Portal for Adamawa State Nigeria
26 105408 FARZAN FOROUZANDEH 2012-13 SPRING ALİ HAKAN ULUSOY 2013 June Mechanized Pharmacy Management Sotware
27 115803 LEONARD ONUWA OKWECHIME 2012-13 SPRING EMRE ÖZEN 2013 September  Comparison of two open source course management systems: Moodle and Ilias
28 125342 OVIGWE KENNETH OLOKPA 2012-13 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2013 July A Comparison of Information Technology Strategic Planning for Business Success
29 125444 RILWAN SABO MUHAMMAD 2012-13 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2013 July Mobile Health Application Using Cloud Computing
30 125385 TRUST THOMAS EROMOSELE 2012-13 SPRING AHMET RİZANER     Quality Assurance on a Project and in Higher Education
31 125773 ABDUL HAFIS ABDULAZEEZ OSUWA 2013-14 FALL ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU 2014 January  Artificial Intelligent Computer- Assisted Intstruction System for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
32 105541 ALİ ÖZCANLI 2013-14 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN     Software for Solar Powering a House
33 125077 BİLGE KAAN ERCAN 2013-14 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2014 January  An Overview " Impact of e Wom on Purchase Intention and Brand Image"
34 115461 GHAZALEH MOSTOFI SADRI 2013-14 FALL NAZİFE DİMİLİLER 2014 February  Automatic Update Summarization and Evaluation Schemes in Text Analysis Conference
35 105554 HASAN ÖZÇELİKHAN 2013-14 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN     By Using Pic MicroController,Managing Systems over the PhoneLine Remotely
36 125741 JOCKNOM JOCK KOTTY 2013-14 FALL HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLU 2014 February  A case Study on the Effect of Evaluation on Instructors' Performance
37 125085 MELİH BİRCAN 2013-14 FALL AHMET RİZANER 2014 February  Performance Comparison of DSR and AODV Routing Protocols for Manet
38 115862 MOHAMMAD KAZEM RABIE HAMEDANI 2013-14 FALL ALPER DOĞANALP 2014 February  hospital management system
39 125422 MOHSEN MOJABI 2013-14 FALL ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU 2014 February  Environment, Computing and Energy Efficiency: How Virtualization Can Contribute to Reduce the Carbon Foot print of Today's Computing
40 125653 OBINNA DICKSON UZO 2013-14 FALL ALİ HAKAN ULUSOY 2014 January  Voice-over-Internet Protocol(VoIP)vs Fax over-Internet Protocol(FoIP):Design and a case study
41 125301 ALI TASARKAN 2013-14 SPRING ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU 2014 June An assessment of graphic design of the estate agency web site
42 125505 EHSAN KHOJASTEH TOUSI 2013-14 SPRING AHMET RİZANER 2014 June Flying Ad-Hoc Networks (FANETs)
43 135260 GERVAIS YOUNDEM YOUFANG 2013-14 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN     Energy efficiency in Information and Communication Technology(Green IT).
44 125072 GHASHGHAIABDI RAMBOD 2013-14 SPRING NAZİFE DİMİLİLER 2014 September  iEMU: iOS application of Eastern Mediterranean University Portal
45 125535 HAKAN BERAT DEMIRCAN 2013-14 SPRING HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLU 2014 June EMU-SCT Android Mobile Application
46 125266 HAMED ARMANFAR 2013-14 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2014 June SMS Gateway Simulation
47 125060 HASAN TEMIZKAN 2013-14 SPRING ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU 2014 September  Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) – The Future Wireless Technology
48 135354 JESSE OLUWAFEMI KATENDE 2013-14 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2014 June Reviewing Technology Solutions For Designing E-Government Applications And Enterprise Resource Planning
49 125258 MAZDAK  PARSAEI 2013-14 SPRING HASAN OYLUM 2014 August GUI Designing and Implementation for Computer Networks in Education
50 125491 MERTCAN ÇETIN 2013-14 SPRING NAZİFE DİMİLİLER 2014 September  Using data mining techniques for the caravan insurance policy 
51 125621 MESFIN ABEBE  RASHAW 2013-14 SPRING HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLU 2014 October How to develop a winning IT strategy for IT organizations in current dynamic and competitive market?
52 125731 MICHAEL CHIMEZIE UDEGBUNAM 2013-14 SPRING ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU 2014 March Students opinion of Ethical Issues in New Emerging Tech. (Case Studey: Rfid Smart Card)
53 135362 OLANREWAJU WALI AJIDE 2013-14 SPRING HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLU 2014 July Library Management System
54 125524 SOUFIANE BOUITI 2013-14 SPRING AHMET RİZANER 2014 August Data mining in e-commerce 
55 125598 VICTOR IFEANYI  CHUKWUKERE 2013-14 SPRING ALİ HAKAN ULUSOY 2014 September  Comparison Study of WIMAX and LTE
56 135638 ABDULMUMIN MUSLIM IDRIS 2014-15 FALL HASAN OYLUM 2015 February  Online School Management System
57 115810 AHED KHEIRABADI 2014-15 FALL EMRE ÖZEN 2015 February  Mobile Communication Organizer (smart silencer)
58 135579 CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH HARUNA 2014-15 FALL HASAN OYLUM     Biometrical Recognitions for Heard and Brain Signals and Their Medical Applications
59 135576 KAYODE KOLAWOLE OLUWOLE 2014-15 FALL HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLU 2015 January  Cosidering Risks and Formalizing a Management Process in Cloud Computing
60 135377 OLATUNJI RAHMAN ALLI 2014-15 FALL ALİ HAKAN ULUSOY 2015 January  4G Technology, Its Features and Challenges in Migration to 5G
61 135153 SAHIRA AKSEER ALI SANGI 2014-15 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2015 January  Information Security and Project Management (A oroposed framework)
62 135118 SHESHAM ALHERI JULDEH 2014-15 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2015 January  Role and Impact of Information Technology in Agriculture
63 145443 UMAIRA BELLO SAIDU 2014-15 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2015 January  Consumer Trust in Digital Age: Using Nigerian Students in Cyprus as Case Study
64 135757 UMAR MAZANKWARAI MUHAMMAD 2014-15 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2015 January  Comparative and review Knowledge of Information Technology Project, Risk and Security Management
65 135792 USMAN ABDULLAHI ABBAS 2014-15 FALL AHMET RİZANER 2015 January  Online Human Resource Management System
66 135754 ABDULAZEEZ UMAR 2014-15 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2015 July The Essentials Of Managing Risk And Communication In Projects
67 135890 ADERAYO ABIADE ADEYANJU 2014-15 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2015 July Different Perspectives Of Project Management In Businesses: A CASE STUDY FOR FAMAGUSTA, NORTH CYPRUS
68 145681 AKINSOWON NELSON AKINLABI 2014-15 SPRING NAZİFE DİMİLİLER 2015 June Using Datamining to Predict Secondary School Student Performance  
69 145403 AUGUSTINE AZUBUIKE AKBAKOBA 2014-15 SPRING EMRE ÖZEN 2015 June Lifi  Technology (Light Fidelity):  The Future of Wireless technology, Breaking the Bond in Wireless Technology.      
70 135478 CİHAN ÜNAL 2014-15 SPRING NAZİFE DİMİLİLER 2015 September  Survey of Current Educational Data Mining Applications
71 135042 EMAD ZARGOUN 2014-15 SPRING AHMET RİZANER 2015 June Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs)
72 125637 ERFAN AMIRZADEH SHAMS 2014-15 SPRING AHMET RİZANER 2015 June Support Vector Machine Based Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
73 145400 IBRAHIM SAADU 2014-15 SPRING EMRE ÖZEN 2015 June 5G Mobile technology: Its features , prospects and challenges 
74 135574 ILIYASU ADAMU 2014-15 SPRING ALİ HAKAN ULUSOY 2015 July Implementation and comparison of reactive and proactive routing protocols for MANET
75 145683 ISMAILA IBRAHIM ADAMU 2014-15 SPRING HASAN OYLUM 2015 June Survey of past and current programming languages to propose an idea on next generation programming language 
76 145630 MUHAMMAD MASHKUR TAJUDDEEN 2014-15 SPRING HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLU 2015 June A Survey on Software Defined Networking (SDN) 
77 145456 NAJIB SANI YUNUSA 2014-15 SPRING ERSUN İŞÇİOĞLU 2015 July The Performances of Optimization Algorithms on Specifc Benchmark Functions
78 135760 STANLEY EMEKA IHEDIOHA 2014-15 SPRING ALİ HAKAN ULUSOY 2015 July Fixed WiMAX versus Mobile WiMAX: A Comparison Study
79 135510 FATHEIA IBRAHIM 2015-16 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2016 January  The Impact of Using Information  Technology  on Human Resources Management (A case of EMU (IT) staff and graduate students)
80 145041 OMAR MUSA ANBEYA AKREER 2015-16 FALL HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLU 2016 February  Implementation and Analysis of Alumni Management Systems
81 135117 ÖZER YAVUZASLAN 2015-16 FALL AHMET RİZANER 2016 January  Genetic Algorithms Based on Information Theory
82 135272 TAREK MATOUK MILAD GHOMEED 2015-16 FALL AHMET RİZANER 2016 January  Green radio communications and networking technologies
83 145881 AIMAL ZIA 2015-16 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2016 August Evaluation of EMU student portal
84 145185 AWYETU ADAMS  MICHAEL 2015-16 SPRING HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLU 2016 April Implementation of a tech free web application 
85 145804 AYUBA PAUL BOBAI 2015-16 SPRING ALİ HAKAN ULUSOY 2016 June A Case Study Comparison Between IPv4 And IPv6
86 135819 ELERA GOMBA NWAFOR 2015-16 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2016 June implicit knowledge and risk management communication in information technology project
87 145416 FERAS ALLABABIDI 2015-16 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2016 June IT Project Management: High performing organizations perspectives on project success 
88 15500417 HAMIDA ALGHOULA 2015-16 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2016 June Role of Knowledge Management System in Higher Education
89 145996 HENRY OLUCHUKWU IKEDIEGO 2015-16 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2016 June Crowdsourcing and its impact on IT: In view of the Three W’s (Who, Why and What)
90 15500272 IBRAHIM ADESHOLA 2015-16 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2016 August IT Project Failure Factors Mitigation & Application to Calculate the Probability of Risk and Competency of Project Manager. (Nigeria as a Case Study)
91 145872 IKENNA C. OBED MADUAGWU 2015-16 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2016 June Network security performance: using EMU computer center staff as case study
92 145539 JOSEPH NDIH TEMBENG 2015-16 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2016 June A literature review of data, risk, and security management analysis in IT project
93 145711 MOATAZ ALI MOHAMED BELKHAIR 2015-16 SPRING HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLU 2016 June Hiding Secret Messages in images using LSB
94 145808 OLATADE EMMANUEL ABIONA 2015-16 SPRING NAZİFE DİMİLİLER 2016 June A survey ion university course advisory systems 
95 15500185 OLAYINKA OLASUMBO AFOLABI 2015-16 SPRING MUSTAFA İLKAN 2016 August Success and Failure Factors  of IT Project Management (Casestudy Nigeria)
96 145245 OLUFEMI SAMUEL ADEWALE 2015-16 SPRING AHMET RİZANER 2016 June Wireless LAN: Security Risk Threats and Countermeasures
97 145883 SAMAVIA AKBAR AZAM SAHIBZADA 2015-16 SPRING HASAN OYLUM 2016 August Design Implementations and Comparisons of the 3D Virtual Shopping Mall 
98 145554 WISAM MUSTAFA ELWALDA 2015-16 SPRING HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLU 2016 June Cache coherence of protocols for multicore proccessors organization 
99 15500081 ANIL EYUPOGLU 2016-17 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2017 January  Management of Outsourcing in IT Companies: Risks, Benefits & Key to Success
100 145954 AYSHA A. MOHAMED ALFAGIH-ALI 2016-17 FALL HASAN OYLUM 2017 January  Design and Implementations of Electronic Learning System
101 135579 CHRISTOPHER IDONGE HARUNA 2016-17 FALL HASAN OYLUM 2017 January  A study of ECG - (Electrocardiograph) and EEG - (Electroencephalagraph) 
102 15500406 REEMA MOHAMAD OMAR ABO ZAID 2016-17 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2017 January  Identity and Access Control Management Importance in Higher Education
103 15500008 SAMEER HASSAN SALE BAWA`NEH 2016-17 FALL MUSTAFA İLKAN 2017 January  Avoiding External Risks in information technology projects (A case study of private companies in Jordan)
104 15500223 TEME NKOMBA JOSEPH LEOPOLD 2016-17 FALL ALİ HAKAN ULUSOY 2017 January  Adaptive Security for Advanced Attacks
105 16500741 AHMAD ABDULMALIK 2016-17 SPRING HASAN OYLUM 2017 July Web Based Design Online Registration and result Checking: Case Study Ahmadu Bello University Registration System
106 17500403 JIBRIL OLALEKAN DUDUYEMI 2017-18 SPRING NAZİFE DİMİLİLER 2017 July Big Data in Cloud Computing: Security Issues
107 16500150 MARWAN ATEF M. SHUBLAQ 2017-18 SPRING HÜSNÜ BAYRAMOĞLU 2018 June A Comprehensive Study on Security of IoT Archiecture in smart and Automated Homes
108 17500265 ISRAA AHMAD A. RAMAHI 2018-19 FALL NAZİFE DİMİLİLER 2019 February  Data Mining Techniques Used in Social Media Analysis
109 16500731 WALID SAAD ABURAWI 2018-19 FALL HASAN OYLUM 2019 January  The Importance of Information Technology in Distance Education: A Case Study of EMU (IT) Students
110 17500586 ZAKAZA MNDEBELE 2018-19 FALL NAZİFE DİMİLİLER 2019 January  A Comprehensive Study on Security and Privacy in the E-Commerce Systems
111 18500412 COMMANDA ALONDI 2019-20 FALL HASAN OYLUM 2020 February  Improving Learning in Classroom Using Animated Visual Learning Technique
113 18500789 GEORGE  CORREA 2019-20 SPRING NAZİFE DİMİLİLER 2020 February  Hate Speech Identification Using Extreme Gradient Boosting
114 18500618 RAMEZ JAWDAT TAWFIK MAHMOUD ABOUELYAN 2019-20 SPRING BENGİ SONYEL 2020 September  The Impact of Internet and Social Media on Educational Process
115 19500154 AHMET ÖZTÜRK SAKALLI 2020-21 FALL HASAN OYLUM 2021 February  Community Based Responsive Web Design for Used-Item Marketplace
116 16500539 SAHEED OLATUNDE AKANMU 2020-21 FALL AHMET RİZANER 2021 January  Face Recognition System in Dealing with Isolated COVID-19 Patients and Their Contacts
117 20510499 MUBARAK ITOPA MOMOH 2020-21 SPRING EMRE ÖZEN 2021 August Evaluating the Positive Effects of COVID-19 on Internet of Things (IoT): Using Social Media Applications as a Case Study
118 20510500 ONYEBUCHI HENRY OGBUMUO 2020-21 SPRING MUSTAFA T. BABAGİL 2021 August The Effects of Online Advertising on Consumer Buyer Behaviour Using Students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka: An Empirical Study
119 21507640 SADEEQ BABANGIDA UMAR 2021-22 FALL HASAN OYLUM 2022 January ICT in Education: The use of ICT in Higher Eduation in Nigeria
120 19500682 FARSHAD GHORBANI 2021-22 FALL AHMET RİZANER 2022 February Computer Network Security Issues and Protection Measures
121 20510501 SENAN IFEANYICHUKWU OHANEKWU 2021-22 FALL MUSTAFA T. BABAGİL 2022 February Online Learning in Africa: Limitations and Effects on Nigerian Tertiary Education - An Empirical Study on the Federal University of Abuja
122 20510498 AKBR KANYESIGYE 2021-22 SPRING AHMET RİZANER 2022 June Bringing FIDO2 to Flutter: Development of a Password-less Authentication Package for a Cross-Platform Development Framework